In the prehistoric days of the internet before the dawn of Google My Business…

Lived a social network called Google +…

It was Google’s attempt to rival the social media giants of the day…

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the like had already taken control. And Google’s chance to become the KING OF SOCIAL MEDIA had slipped away…

Fast forward to today. Google + is dead, and Google My Business has come to the forefront…

Google My Business or GMB for short is Google’s latest attempt to become the central hub for all things local business. This iteration of GMB has taken a stranglehold of local search results.

Google My Business has continued to grow and evolve. And one of the powerful features it has given to local businesses is Google posts.

Let’s dive into what Google Posts are. So we can then discuss how you can use Google Posts to reach more customers.

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts originally came on the scene in 2016. Introduced as “Candidate cards” for the presidential candidates.

They were then repurposed and tested with a hand full of small businesses and renamed “Business cards”.

Since that point, Google has rolled out the feature to all small businesses naming it Google Posts. With Goole Posts, Entrepreneurs far and wide have access to a powerful marketing tool… And it is free.

I know, I know, I still have not even told you what a Google Post is, so let’s jump into that now.

A Google Post is a feature within Google My Business that allows businesses to share content with their customers through their business profile. A business profile previously referred to as the knowledge panel is what your customers see if they perform a search.

If you scroll down the business profile below the reviews you will see a business’s Google Posts.

You can think of Google posts kind of like a mini blog post. They are short-form written messages to your audience. The posts can include text, pictures, and now short videos.

There are currently four different types of G. posts.

Types of Google Posts

What’s new, Events, Offers, and Products are the types of Google Posts that are at a business owner’s disposal.

The type of post you use should be based on the type of content you are sharing.

So for example, if you were running a limited-time sale. You would choose an event style post.

Whereas, if you were posting a general update of the business. You would use a What’s new type of post.

Google allows up to 1500 characters. But 100-300 characters seem to be the sweet spot. You are also able to feature a beautiful graphic or high-quality photo that can make your post pop and earn additional eyeballs.

Here is a couple of resources if you would like a more in-depth look into the different types of Google posts. Search Engine Journal has a detailed checklist for Google posts. And Brandify offers a comprehensive guide that you can grab here.

Let’s get into how you can use Google posts to grow your business.

25 Strategies to Grow Your Business with Google Posts

Google has given business owners a platform that lets us advertise to our customers for free.

Businesses who don’t use this free ad space are missing a huge opportunity to connect with their customers.

Did you know that there are over 200 ranking factors in the Google algorithm? That’s right.

So you better believe that Google takes into consideration a business’s engagement on platforms such as GMB.

So hopefully that has built the importance of your business integrating Google posts into its marketing plan and strategy. Now let’s dive into the 25 ways you will use Google Posts to reach more customers.

1. Ask for reviews

The best way that I know of to get reviews is to ask for them.

In fact, if you do not ask your customers to give you a review. They will not go out of their way to do it. And just as important a business needs to make it as easy as possible for them to leave reviews.

Using a Google Post to ask your customers to leave feedback is a creative strategy to gain additional reviews.

2. Video

Google recently gave entrepreneurs the ability to add videos to Google Posts. I can tell you personally from my hunting of the search pages. Businesses are not using this feature often enough.

Approximately 1% of businesses are currently using videos on their Google posts.

This is a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

3. Free Lead Generation Offer

Having a lead generation offer such as a free consulting session, free wealth management analysis, marketing audit, electrical inspection, etc.

These lead generation offers are effective at gaining more customers. Promoting these on Google Posts often receive outstanding engagement.

4. Promote Grand Opening

promote grand opening

Are you opening a second location? Re-branding your current business? Or just about to start a new business venture? Promoting these on Google Posts can help you gain customer’s attention before you even open the doors.

Keep customers in the loop and let them know when your business will be open, and even if you run into setbacks.

The more you engage your customers the happier they will be and the happier those Google bots will be too.

5. Limited Time Sale

Promoting limited-time sales can create urgency in the minds of customers. Conversion XL reported this tactic increased conversions 332%.

A sense of urgency combined with a clear call to action can get them to visit your store. Go to your website. Or perform whatever action you want them too.

6. Changing Seasons

Celebrating the change of seasons. Depending on the seasonality of your industry this could be a great way to promote during peak or slow seasons.

Many retail businesses depend on the holiday shopping season. And Google posts would be a special way to stand out.

7. Free Giveaway or Contest

A lot of businesses can use free offers to attract customers. Another example of this is a pizza parlor promoting a contest where the first 5 people to like them on social media and then come in and show them the Google post get a free pizza.

Businesses can promote different offers or discounts through Google posts that will help get your phone ringing more often.

8. Promote Your Latest Blog Post

Promoting your latest blog post is an effective way to get additional traffic to your website.

Write the description as a summary of what the readers should expect to get out of your blog post. Remember keep it short less than 300 characters and ideally closer to 100.

9. Community Events

Writing Google posts about community events that you sponsor, donate, or support.

It can help gain additional exposure for the event. And establish your business as an organization that gives back to the community.

10. Coupon code

If you are promoting your business on Google post, I am guessing that you hope it will drive in more business.

To help measure what kind of ROI they bring in. You can run a coupon offer to see how much additional business comes in or orders from you online.

You should experiment with different coupon offers. This can help you get an idea of which type of offers your customers like best.

11. Showcase Your Business

If you are a brick and mortar type of business. Posting what your customers can expect when they visit you can help validate their decision to do business with you.

If your business provides a unique experience in any way highlight this through Google posts.

12. Charities

Do you sponsor a local charity or organization? Well, then you should write about it.

Promoting it in a Google post can establish you as an organization that gives back to charities.

SEO ninja side tip. Google highly values backlinks from local charities or organizations. Sponsoring them can be a great way to get them to link to you on their website. This will help you increase your domain authority quickly.

13. Customer Review

How often are you getting excellent reviews from customers? Why not share them for everyone to see. Google post is a great platform to showcase valuable content like 5-star reviews.

All businesses should be proud of the work they do. Sharing how happy your customers are is something all businesses should be doing already. Doing it as often as possible and on as many social platforms as possible.

14. Event

Is your business celebrating an anniversary? Hosting a customer appreciation event? Any type of event your business is hosting you should promote it on Google posts leading up to the event.

15. Order Now

If your customers can order from you online. You should be sharing this with your audience. Showing your viewers how easy it is to buy from you can help you gain customers.

If you create a What’s new type of post. You can then change your CTA to order online. These types of posts convert very well.

16. Promote Your Product

It took 16 posts to get here. But yes you can use Google posts to promote your products. This is a great content channel to showcase, promote, and sell your products.

Remember though if you want to find true success in business. You should not be constantly asking your audience for something.

You need to give to your audience before you have the right to ask them for something. The right mindset to have here is to focus on providing value and sharing knowledge with your listeners.

17. Before & After Google Posts

Businesses such as landscapers, construction crews, plumbers, and more provide services that make it easy to document and get high-quality pictures and videos.

Taking before and after pictures promoting the quality of work you do. These posts gain good engagement with audiences.

18. Local Clubs or Programs

If you offer a program that is unique to your community. From STEAM clubs to boxing programs, and more.

People love to hear about programs or clubs in their community. This is another way to reaffirm your business as being socially accountable.

Customers can then click on your call to action and learn more about your program. This is an effective way to get additional visitors to your website. And then potentially turning them into paying customers.

The theory of reciprocity is based on people rewarding kind acts. Meaning if you are performing kind acts like this. People want to promote and support your business. So let them.

19. Business Changes & Updates

Did you have any recent changes or updates to your business? Launching a new website, new product line, change of hours. These are all examples of changes and updates that you can communicate through Google posts.

Get your audience excited about these new changes. Use graphics that effectively communicate what you want to say to your audience. This can help increase your conversion and click-through rate.

20. Now Hiring

Are you searching for talent for your company? Some of the hiring platforms can be quite expensive to promote your job openings. Google posts is a free way to promote that you are hiring.

Why not make use of a marketing platform that you can promote your job opening for free?

21. Holiday Wishes

Wishing holiday greetings to your customers and potential customers. You can also cross promote any holiday events in your local community that your business is sponsoring.

22. Educational Posts

As a business owner, you are an expert in your field. You have a ton of knowledge that you can and should share with your audience.

You can use Google posts to educate your audience. If you can establish yourself as an authority in the customer’s eyes through educational content. You then have a very high chance of getting their business.

23. Special Hours

If your customers expect your business to be open. And they take time out of their holiday to go to your store only to find it closed. This will create a bad customer experience and could end a potential relationship before it ever began.

Are you open on a holiday? Are you closed on a holiday? Do you have limited hours? Let them know. So you are not creating bad experiences for your customers.

24. Promote Your Services

Like products, of course, you should be promoting your services through Google posts. Especially if you offer something your competitors don’t. Is your service faster, more interactive, or how is your service different?

Promote this proudly in the messaging across your social channels including g. posts.

25. Case Studies

Do you have some impressive stories that you can tell potential customers? Sharing case studies of exceptional returns you have provided for businesses can gain you more customers.

Well, there you have it. 25 strategies for Google posts to grow your business. This is a comprehensive list of tactics you can use to engage your audience with Google posts.

5 Google Post Dont’s Your Business Should Avoid

The 25 examples above give you a good idea of what Google posts can look like for your business. High-quality photos, persuading headlines, and engaging but short content are just a few guidelines to follow.

Just so you understand what not to do. I wanted to share 5 examples of what your Google posts should not look like.

1. No Photo

google post don't no image

Although you could find worse Google posts. Failing to add a photo is a surefire way to lower engagement and conversion.

You need to include a photo in your Google post. Without a high-quality photo you are limiting your ability to draw attention to your Google post.

StopAd reports users being exposed to 5,000 ads each and every day. We are programmed to tune out stuff that does not visually stimulate us. Lacking a photo significantly limits your ability to get your audience to click.

2. Stock or Uninspiring Photo

Adding photos that pop or personalized photos that really show what your business is about will increase conversion and engagement with your offer.

Try to stay away from stock or generic photographs. These images fail to paint the picture of what your business is.

3. Not Relevant Content

With so many other things to post about. You should not be posting about content that is not relevant to your business.

You can post in a limited amount about your interests. But try to keep it limited as people follow your business because they believe in your mission. Not because they want to know what is on tv that week.

4. Image and No Content

Google posts are not LinkedIn. Adding just a photograph can only do so much to effectively communicate who your business is.

Especially a photograph that cuts off part of your image.

5. Not Using Google Posts

There is no picture here because this business decided not to use Google posts.

During my research. I encountered an endless amount of businesses that are still not using Google posts.

Google is literally giving businesses a free advertising platform to connect with more customers and business owners and saying “No. I am cool I do not want more customers or free advertising for my business”.

The Google algorithm likes signals. These signals can be anything from blog posts, social media posts, directory listings, Google posts, and hundreds of others.

The bottom line is the more signals you give Google. The higher they are going to put you in the search rankings.

It is like the old adage the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The more inputs you give Google the more they are going to increase your expertise, authority, and trust.

Which will help you gain a prominent position in search.

Stay away from these 5 items and your business is in position to create exceptional Google posts.

With all the superb resources available for Google posts I had to share some of them with you. Take a look at these additional articles to help you continue to grow your Google post knowledge.

10 Google Post Resources

Just in case you feel you have not had a large enough serving of everything Google post and you are longing for more.

Here is a list of resources that along with this article cover everything you could ever want to know about Google posts, and then some.

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  10. Do Google Posts Impact Ranking? A Case Study by Search Engine Journal

Now let’s wrap it up and look back at what covered in this post.


This article has grown to become a comprehensive guide on strategy and planning for effective Google posts.

A successful Google post content strategy would incorporate many of these tactics to keep posts engaging and fresh. Now let’s look back at what we covered about Google posts.

  • We looked at what Google posts are and how they have evolved over time to become the powerful marketing vehicle they are today.
  • We looked at 25 winning Google post strategies to help grow your audience and your business.
  • You now know what not to do with Google posts.
  • And a plethora of resources at your disposal that will help you become a world-class Google post expert. Booyah!

Google My Business and Google posts will only continue to grow in importance as Google algorithms become smarter.

You are now endowed with all the knowledge you need to take your marketing plan to the next level.

Michael “Growth Mode” Cortez