About Us

Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing

Our mission is to cultivate businesses one click at a time. We are a boutique digital marketing agency residing in Vancouver, WA. We have over 15 years sales, marketing, and web development experience. We are passionate about creating marketing solutions that grow businesses. 

What sets our agency apart?

We only partner with clients when we are confident we can deliver results and grow their business. Every client is a partner with our business. We are so confident in our services we do not require long-term contracts. Our month-to-month contracts provide 100% flexibility for business owners. Our proven strategies and methods speak for themselves.

Our agile development methodologies work closely with clients to create winning marketing plans. We believe the client comes first. And our flexible and iterative approach makes use of monthly reporting (video, video conference, analytics reports) to keep clients informed and happy. 

Meet Our Team

Michael Patrick Cortez

Michael Cortez

Founder & Digital "Wizard"

A zealous digital marketer on a mission to unlock the secrets to the Google Empire. With over 10 years of experience growing businesses. Extensive business, sales, marketing, and development experience. 

A bay area native. Michael’s hobbies include traveling,  spending valuable time with his family, digital marketing, and he prides himself in being a lifelong learner.

Aubrey Winterholler

Founder & Local Creative

Our local Creative Aubrey is instrumental in business development, user experience, and Social Media Marketing at the agency. With over 5 years of sales and marketing experience including fortune 500 companies.

Born in Brooklyn, NY. Aubrey is an artist and appreciates and enjoys the unique. Aubrey’s hobbies include music, traveling, and being a “Super” mom.

Our Core Values

How we live our life. Our core values represent who we are, what we do, and how we approach business. 

Continuous Development

We pride ourselves in continuous development. We believe we are truly never to old to learn. Becoming a more knowledgeable and effective marketer after every test, book, blog post, and project. 

Relentlessly Solution Focused

We believe problems are just opportunities in disguise. A relentless approach to solving our clients problems and major hurdles. Our business wins when our clients problems lead to solutions that help them achieve their company goals.

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

Our guarantee to our clients is we strive to deliver amazing experiences. Through education, partnerships, and strategies we are committed to continually innovating, developing and pushing for excellence for our clients. 

Are you Ready For growth?

We are ready to help you make a real change in your business.