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We help Camas, WA business owners get more customers through effective SEO services. Are you looking to grow your online visibility? Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing is an SEO company delivering impactful growth one click at a time. 

Searching for a Camas SEO Company?

We understand how to get your business more clicks, leads, and revenue. We consistently help our customers get their business to #1 in the the search engine results page. Our Camas WA SEO services include a comprehensive SEO strategy based on the needs of your business. Google My Business Management is one of the pillars to local SEO. We understand how to optimization and mange your GMB to get your business more visitors. Strategic placement and targeting of content is essential to winning more visitors. That is why we take content seriously! Beginning with the keyword research we understand what your customer is looking for. Communicating brand messaging that resonates is the core of effective marketing. Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing Camas WA SEO services connects your business with more customers through effective brand messaging and winning Camas WA SEO campaigns. 

Camas WA SEO Services

SEO Strategy

We begin by creating a winning marketing strategy and plan that outlines your process of growth. Our SEO strategy services in Camas, WA combine our deep knowledge of search engine optimization tactics, strategies, and best practices along with your knowledge of your business and industry to create a winning plan for your business!

Tracking and Analytics

Every winning marketing strategy starts with understanding what is important to your business! Contact form fills, phone calls, emails, affiliate commission. You name it we have tracked it! On top of that… We analyze your Camas SEO traffic. Help you spot trends. That get more leads from your current traffic. Analytics and tracking campaigns that give your Camas WA business the edge. 

Technical SEO

Having trouble getting your website indexed? Or is Google Search Console spitting out weird error codes? We are solution focused problem solvers. Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing offers technical SEO services in Camas, WA. Our technical SEO services will diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve any technical issues impacting your site from showing up when your customers are searching. We help make sure your website is readable and crawlable by search engines. What is the point of having a beautiful website that effectively communicates your brand, and not letting search engines crawl and index it? This can crush your SEO game before you even get started. Website optimization begins with technical SEO. 

Google My Business Optimization and Management

Google My Business is one of the pillars to any local SEO Camas WA campaign. When you look at SEO in Camas WA you see 46% of all searches have local intent. That means, the potential for small businesses online in Camas is limitless. But your online presence has to be properly optimized so you show up when potential customers who need what you sell are searching for your services. Our GMB SEO services optimizes your GMB and sets your apart from the competition. Let us put your business in a position to get more customers with our Camas WA Google My Business services!

Content Marketing

What Camas WA SEO strategy does not start with an effective content plan? The answer is none! After thorough keyword research we craft a unique content plan that gets more eyeballs on your business. Content doesn’t end with copy writing. On page SEO, PR, and link building are integral to helping your business win and getting you to the first page of SERPs.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is easy for Camas WA websites to miss out on valuable conversions! That is why when your business has effectively covered your foundation with SEO services. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) will then help you make better use of the traffic on your website and get you more leads. A/B testing, user testing, heat mapping, analytics, and more we increase your conversions and get you more customers.

Link building

Have your been told your Camas WA website needs more links to rank better? We build your backlink profile with powerful links through effective PR, citation listings, guest posting, local authority links, and more. Tiered links – cloud stacks – you name it, we know it! We create a strategic and targeted link building campaign based on data, industry, and your competitors. Let us craft a backlink campaign plan that works for your business!

On-page SEO

Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing offers on-page SEO in Camas, WA. We work with Camas business owners to make sure their website is optimized for visitors and search engines. With the ever-evolving state of search engines – from BERT (bi-directional encoding r….), semantic relationships, search intent, and the constantly evolving content creation process – getting your on-page SEO correct is difficult. That is why the experts at Michael Cortez Marketing have a vast knowledge of search engine algorithms and patents, document scoring and co-occurrence, and document salience just to name a few. Contact us so we can help you

SEO Company in Camas That you Can Trust

The decision to take your business to the next level is a big step! That is why you need a marketing company and SEO strategist that you can trust. Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing is an SEO company in Camas, WA that has been helping business owners increase their online visibility and getting them more freedom in their business.

Effective marketing is simple. Understand your ideal customer on a deep level – such a deep level you are able to list their interests, career, family, hobbies, and more – then create your messaging to speak directly to these ideal customers. This small golden nugget is how to create effective marketing campaigns that take a business from a small mom and pop shop to a market-leading monster. A solid marketing strategy leads to a winning SEO strategy. Now our Camas SEO experts are able to take the strong business foundation and marketing strategy and craft an SEO roadmap that lets your business win. How to create an SEO strategy? Simple. Know your audience, know what they search for, and craft an SEO campaign that leads your clients to your website and your business. Let Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing SEO team take care of the details. If you want to know more. We are happy to chat anytime, contact SEO experts at Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing today!

Things to do in Camas, WA 98607

When you are in Camas don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery, local boutiques, good eats, and more. Camas is a beautiful little gem nestled on the glistening Columbia. Don’t miss out on these spots when in Camas:

Lacamas Park

Lacamas Park is packed full of adventure for you and the family. Looking for nature walk around the lake? Want to rent paddleboards to soak up the sun? Searching for the hidden waterfall pothole falls? Or just looking to grill some burgers with your loved ones. Lacamas park has it all and more.

Pothole Falls

Nestled in Lacamas lake and Lacamas park you can take in the stunning Pothole Falls. Perfect potholes carved into the rocks with water over time has created a mesmerizing experience. Two paths to get to the falls depending on your level of comfort with climbing.

Crown Park

 Another family fun spot in Camas, WA. Crown park is chock full of walking trails, playground equipment, and more. 

Camas WA SEO Experts

Searching for an SEO near me in Camas? Michael Patrick Cortez Marketing is an SEO Company ready to grow your business. Contact us today!